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Legend 2.0

LEGEND 2.0 is an all in one internet marketing website platform. You get a designer that will customize and brand your website, guaranteed SEO that gets your site organically found on search engines, feature rich tools that enables you to manage just about every aspect of your website, and a design that captivates, engages and converts users to real patients.

Quick Overview
1. Your Own Webdesigner
2. Guaranteed SEO
3. Responsive Design
4. Photo Gallery
5. Newsletter APP
6. Menu Manager
7. PageBuilder Pro
8. Feature Rich Editing
9. Customized Website

Starting from
$350.00 Setup Fee
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SSl Certificate

Increase trust with users and get search engine optimization benefits by purchasing an SSL certificate for your chiropractic websites. Google encourages SSL certs and they stated it is the easiest way to boost your SEO ranking.

Legend + EasyBlog

Legend 2.0 and EasyBlog Bundle